第十三屆「旭茉JESSICA Run」

  • 日期: 2019年3月31日(星期日)
  • 地點: 香港山頂廣場

The 13th “JESSICA Run”

  • Date: 31st March, 2019 (Sunday)
  • Venue: The Peak, Hong Kong

查詢電話 Enquiry Hotline:(852) 2202 5206 / 2202 5378
電郵 Emailjrun@scmedia.com.hk

組別 Challenges Categories

年齡 Age

路程 KM

精英挑戰賽 Elite Challenge 女子組 Women
above 16
大中華區個人邀請賽 Greater China Region Individual Invitation Challenge
個人挑戰賽 Individual Challenge 女子組 Women 公開組 Open 8歲 – 12歲
8 – 12
13歲 – 25歲
13 – 25
26歲 – 39歲
26 – 39
40 or Above
男子組 Men 公開組 Open 8歲 – 12歲
8 – 12
13歲 – 25歲
13 – 25
26歲 – 39歲
26 – 39
40 or Above
企業團體挑戰賽 Corporate Team Challenge 男女子混合組
Men & Women
above 18
展能挑戰賽 Disabled Challenge 女子組 Women
男子組 Men
above 12
幼兒挑戰賽 Kids Challenge* 男女子混合組
Boys & Girls
5歲 – 7歲
5 – 7
2人親子牽手跑 2 Person Family Race* 男女子混合組
All gender
2歲 – 4歲 及 18歲以上
2 – 4 and above 18
5歲 – 7歲 及 18歲以上
5 – 7 and above 18
狗狗慈善行 Dogs Fun Walk NIL 3.5公里

* 參加者必須由家長 / 監護人陪同出席。
* Participants must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

▲ 每隊須由 3-8 位參賽者組成。參加之公司或組織的商標將刊登於場內的宣傳橫額及「旭茉JESSICA Run」專輯內。總成績以所有參賽隊員總平均時間決定。
▲ Each team must be consisted of 3-8 participants. Logos of Company or organization will be printed on the banners on the event day, and JESSICA Run Supplement. Result will be calculated by the total average time of all team members.

組別 Challenge Categories

獎項 Awards

精英挑戰賽 Elite Challenge

個人挑戰賽 Individual Challenge

展能挑戰賽 Disabled Challenge

幼兒挑戰賽 Kids Challenge

狗狗慈善行 Dogs Fun Walk

2人親子牽手跑 2 Person Family Race


Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of each challenge will be awarded with cash prize of HK$1,000, HK$500 and HK$300 respectively, trophies, and valuable prizes.

大中華區個人邀請賽 Greater China Region Individual Invitation Challenge


Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of each challenge will be awarded with cash prize of HK$3,000, HK$1,500 and HK$500 respectively, trophies, and valuable prizes.

團體挑戰賽 Corporate Team Challenge


Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of each challenge will be awarded with cash prize of HK$8,000, HK$4,000 and HK$2,000 respectively, trophies and valuable prizes.


Challenge Categories
報名費 (已包括捐款金額)
Entry Fee (Included donation)
精英 Elite HK$400 HK$150
個人 Individual HK$350 HK$150
幼兒* /個人8-12歲*/ 狗狗
Kids*/ Individual Age 8-12*/ Dog
HK$330 HK$150
2人親子牽手跑 2 Person Family Race* HK$650 HK$300
企業 Corporate Team HK$7,500
(每隊 per team)
(每隊 per team)

■ 每隊須由 3-8 位參賽者組成。參加之公司或組織的商標將刊登於場內的宣傳橫額及「旭茉JESSICA Run」專輯內。總成績以所有參賽隊員總平均時間決定。
■ Each team must be consisted of 3-8 participants. Logos of Company or organization will be printed on the banners on the event day, and JESSICA Run Supplement. Result will be calculated by the total average time of all team members.

* 參加者必須由家長 / 監護人陪同出席。
* Participants must be accompanied by parents or guardians.

# 捐款金額已包括在報名費內,善款將全數撥捐至旭茉慈善基金, 救狗之家, 匡智會及香港基督教女青年會。
# Minimum Donation is included in entry fee. All donation funds raised will be donated to JESSICA Charitable Foundation, Hong Kong Dog Rescue,HONG CHI ASSOCIATION, YWCA.

若大家想捐贈予旭茉慈善基金, 請以劃線支票(支票枱頭: Jessica Charitable Foundation Limited)寄回香港柴灣豐業街5號華盛中心旭茉Jessica 市場部。
For Donation to Jessica Charitable Foundation, please send a cheque (payable to Jessica Charitable Foundation Limited) to 3/F Wah Sing Centre, 5 Fung Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, Jessica Marketing Department.


參加《旭茉JESSICA Run》 每人可獲得《旭茉JESSICA》 X Mr Men and Little Miss 選手包一個。

Participant can get a JESSICA X Mr. Men and Little Miss Runner Pack.









成人 Adult







胸圍 (A) Chest 18.5″ 19.75″ 21″ 22.25″ 23.5″
衫長 (B) Body Length 25.5″ 26.5″ 27.5″ 28.5″ 29.5″
袖長 (C) Sleeve Length 9″ 9.25″ 9.5″ 9.75″ 10″
小童 Kids




胸圍 (A) Chest 13.5″ 14.5″
衫長 (B) Body Length 18.5″ 20″
袖長 (C) Sleeve Length 5.5″ 6″

尺寸參考 Size Guide

參加者接駁專車 (只限3.5公里賽事參加者)


  • 只限此5班特別班次﹕
    • 早上6時15分
    • 早上6時25分
    • 早上6時35分
    • 早上6時45分
    • 早上6時55分
  • 車費﹕免費


  • 請出示3.5公里賽事參加者接駁車安排之電郵。
  • 座位有限,先到先得。若座位已滿請轉乘其他交通工具到山頂廣場。

Participants’ Shuttle Bus ( For 3.5km participant only)

Hong Kong General Post Office to The Peak Galleria Bus Terminal

  • 5 Special Shifts Only:
    • 6:15am
    • 6:25am
    • 6:35am
    • 6:45am
    • 6:55am
  • Fare: Free


  • Please present your confirmation email. (Shuttle bus arrangement for 3.5km participants)
  • Limited seats and first come first served. Please use other public transportation to The Peak Galleria Bus Terminal if the bus is full.

1 號小巴


  • 服務時間:早上6時20分至凌晨12時(由中環開出)
  • 班次:每5至15分鐘一班
  • 車費:HK$10.20

Minibus No.1

Central (Two IFC) to The Peak

  • Daily: 6:20am to 12:00am (from Central)
  • Frequency: 5 to 15 minutes
  • Fare: HK$10.20


中環 (交易廣場) 往山頂

  • 服務時間:早上6時15分至凌晨12時15分
  • 班次:每20分鐘一班
  • 車費:HK$10.30

Route No. 15 (First Bus) Morning Departure

Central (Exchange Square) to The Peak

  • Sunday: 6:15am to 12:15am
  • Frequency: 20 minutes
  • Fare: HK$10.30

重要事項 Important Notice
  • 參賽者只可透過網上報名一次,重覆報名者將不獲發還重覆報名的費用。
  • 報名一經確認,參賽者將會收到電郵確認通知,參賽者如要更改已申報的個人資料,請電郵至jrun@scmedia.com.hk,通知活動秘書處更改報名狀況。
  • 大會建議參賽者在報名前及參賽前先行諮詢醫生意見,了解自己的身體狀況是否適合比賽方可報名及參賽。
  • 參賽者應於比賽前進行充足的訓練以應付所參加之比賽路程。
  • 大會已購買第三者保險,建議參賽者如有需要,可自行購買個人及其它有關保險。
  • 參賽者於比賽期間必須把號碼布掛於胸前及必須踏步於指定位置之地蓆上,否則其成績將不獲記錄。參賽者必須踏過於設於起點線、終點線及指定位置之地蓆上,否則其成績將不獲記錄。
  • 大會設有水站為參賽者提供飲用水。
  • 場地設有救傷站。
  • 請保持大會場地整潔。
  • 大會設有行李區,但不負責參賽者之任何財物損失。
  • 如於2019年 3月31日上午3 時或以後懸掛或公佈將懸掛以下信號,活動將會取消;信號包括:雷暴警告、一號或以上之暴風信號、黃色、紅色或黑色暴雨警告訊號。 亦可留意旭茉JESSICA facebook 專頁,留意比賽的最新消息。
  • Please submit your entry ONCE only through online. Refunds of duplicate entries are not available.
  • Confirmation email will be sent to participants upon we receive their registration, if participant would like to update their personal data, please email to jrun@scmedia.com.hk.
  • Participants are advised to solicit medical advice from medical practitioner if they are in doubt of their health condition prior to registering for and taking part in the race. Participants should have adequate preparation to ensure that they are fit enough to race the distance they have entered.
  • Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Organizer. Participants are advised to take up their own personal or other insurance policies separately.
  • Participants must affix the runner’s bib at the front of your T-shirt and must step on the timing mats located at the designed area during the race, otherwise results will not be recorded.
  • Water booths will be provided for participants.
  • The venue is equipped with first-aid stations.
  • Please keep the venue clean and tidy.
  • Storage area will be provided for participants, but no liability will be taken for any losses and/or damages.
  • If Thunderstorm Warning, Typhoon signal no.1 or above, Amber/Red/Black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted or will be hoisted at or after 3am on 31 March, 2019, the event will be cancelled. Please also stay tuned at JESSICA Facebook fanpage, event updates will be announced.
條款及細則 Terms & Conditions
  • 參賽者需於截止日期2019年3月17日或以前遞交報名,名額有限,先到先得。
  • 大會保留於報名名額已滿時,提早截止報名日期的權利,而不作任何通知。
  • 所有報名將於收妥報名費及最低籌款額後方作處理。參加資格一經確認,報名費將不獲發還。。
  • 所有比賽首三名均設獎項,詳情請參閱獎項頁面。所有獎項及名次均以大會時間計算,同時大會不設上訴機制並保留最終決定權。
  • 大會將提供大會時間及個人時間(包括起跑及終點時間) 予每名完成賽事之參賽者。
  • 如參賽者需要更改比賽項目,請於2019年3月3日或之前請電郵至jrun@scmedia.com.hk,通知活動秘書處更改報名狀況,並需向大會繳付50元手續費。
  • 號碼布如有遺失,需向大會繳付港幣 50 元手續費,方獲補發。
  • 所有比賽項目將依時進行,參加者及/或其狗隻請參閱時間表及留意廣播,並於起步時間 15 分鐘前到達起步點集合。
  • 大會保留絕對限制及拒絕接受報名的權利。
  • 大會保留權利聯絡申請者,以電話訪問或以其他形式,查詢補充資料作報名用途。
  • 報名一經確認,有關報名費用將不能退回。若申請者提供錯誤資料、報名費不足或不依照正確程序報名,大會保留拒絕接受其申請的權利。
  • 大會保留因應道路實際情況或緊急情況下,於賽事前或進行中更改賽道之權利而無須另行通知。
  • 參賽者必須確保其體格適宜參加比賽,任何懷孕或患有慢性疾病如心臟病及高血壓的人士,皆不宜參賽。大會在得悉或懷疑的情況下,保留權利取消任何不適宜參賽的人士的參賽資格。
  • 在任何情況下,參賽者必須聽從任何工作人員的指示,大會保留權利取消不聽從大會指示的參賽者的參賽資格。
  • 所有參賽者不能轉售,或與他人轉換組別、號碼布及計時晶片。一經證實,有關參賽者的參賽資格將被取消,被取消資格參賽者的報名費,將不獲退還。
  • 請小心看管自己的財物及隨行之小童,如有任何遺失或傷亡,大會恕不負責。 參賽者於遞交報名時經已同意遵守及接受在此及其後所有大會所引入之參賽條款及細則。
  • 大會保留權利取消任何觸犯、違反或不遵守任何以上守則人士的參賽成績。被取消資格參賽者的報名費,將不獲退還。
  • Application must be submitted no later than 17 Mar 2019. Application is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to close entries before the deadline without any notice once the race quota is full.
  • Entries will only be processed upon receipt of full payment of entry fees and minimum donation. Once the application is confirmed, refund of entry fees and donations will not be entertained.
  • The first three winners from the individual and corporate challenge categories, first five winners from the kids challenge categories, and first two winners from the dogs challenge categories will entitled for awards. Official Times will be used to determine the prizes and ranking and organizer does not take any appeal, and its decisions will be seen as final.
  • Official Time and Net Time with Start and Finish times will be provided for participants who have completed the races.
  • In case where a participants wish to change to another race after an entry has been accepted, please login to JESSICA RUN Registration Website on or before 3 March, 2019 and HK$50 will be charged as an administration fee.
  • A replacement fee of HK$50 will be charged for replacing new bib if lost.
  • All races will be on schedule; participants should follow the schedule and pay attention to announcements on the event day. Participants and/or their dogs are advised to gather at the starting point 15 minutes before race starts.
  • The Organizer reserves the absolute right to limit and refuse entries without reason.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to contact and to interview applicants by phone or otherwise for additional information required for matters relating to their application.
  • Entry fees are non-refundable. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry of any applicants who provide false information, do not make the required payment, or fail to meet entry requirements as stated in the entry form.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to change any part of the route before or during the races without prior notice due to road conditions or emergency.
  • Participants must ensure that they are medically and physically fit to participate in the race. Any person who is pregnant or suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not participate in the event. The Organizer reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.
  • Participants should adhere to the Organizer’s rules and regulations, the Organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to any persons or animals to the event, or request any persons or animals to leave the event.
  • Entry categories, bibs and timing chips cannot be sold, exchanged or transferred to other persons. Violation will result in disqualification and no entry fee will be refunded.
  • Please take care and watch your personal belongings and your children, the Organizer will not be responsible for any losses or injuries.
  • By submitting his or her entry, each applicant agrees to observe and accept all the terms and conditions of the event contained herein and as shall from time to time be introduced by the Organizer.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any person and/or nullify his or her result for any violation, breach or non-observance of any rules and regulations. The Organizer shall not be obliged to refund any entry fee under such circumstances.
大會規條 Official Rules
  • 所有參賽者不能轉售,或與他人轉換參賽組別、號碼布及計時晶片。
  • 如參賽者被發現虛報個人資料,大會有權取消參賽者資格及成績,報名費用將不獲發還。
  • 若參賽者沒有按照指定其參加組別之時間起跑,大會將取消該參賽者成績及不發放完成証書。
  • 任何在賽道上的工作人員、醫務人員、賽事總監、裁判或保安若要求參賽者退出比賽,參賽者必須立即停止比賽及離開賽道。
  • 禁止任何形式的輪運行物體的交通工具、自行車、溜冰鞋、手推車、內置或附加在鞋的轆等進入賽道範圍。
  • 參賽者禁止帶同嬰兒或未註冊的人士參加比賽,違例者將會被即時要求離開跑道。
  • All participants cannot sell, exchanged or transferred bibs and timing chips with other persons.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify or exclude any person from competition who gives incorrect personal data / details on the entry form. No refund of entry fee will be entertained.
  • No result or certificate will be given to participants who do not start in the race time assigned to them by the Organizer.
  • Participants must retire from the race immediately, if asked/requested to do so by any member of the officials, medical staff, race director, referees and/or security officers/marshals.
  • Any form of wheel-run objects of transport, bicycles, skates, push carts, shoes with built-in or attached rollers, etc. are not allowed on the course.
  • Participants are not allowed to run with infants, children who are below 16 or any unregistered participants. Those violating this rule will be asked to leave the course immediately.
狗狗賽事重要事項 Important Notices for Dogs Challenge
  • 狗隻出席活動時必須健康良好及年滿五個月以上,未滿五個月之幼犬及正值發情期雌犬恕不招待。
  • 參加者帶同狗隻出席活動時,必須出示有效之防狂犬病注射証明文件,以及狗隻必須已植入晶片。任何未能出示有關文件的狗隻,均不能參與活動。
  • 若有狗隻於出發前或途中出現心跳及呼吸過速或呈現任何緊張之徵兆,將會被中止或取消參賽資格。
  • 參加者帶同狗隻出席活動時,須要適當地看管。所有狗隻須以頸繩牽引。
  • 參加者必須隨時準備自行清理狗隻之便溺。
  • 主辦機構恕不承擔任何參加者及其狗隻於行程內所發生之任何意外受傷之責任。
  • 參加者與狗隻完成賽事後可獲得獎牌乙個及完成電子證書。
  • 為免寵物中暑及帶來行動不便,請勿為寵物穿上任何衣飾。如有任何疑問,請向您的獸醫查詢。
  • All participating dogs must be at least 5 months old and in good health. No admission for dogs under 5 months or bitches in season.
  • Participants must produce valid documentary proof of rabies vaccination for each participating dogs. All dogs must be micro-chipped.
  • Dogs showing excessive heart and respiratory rates, or other signs of stress may be asked to withdraw at any time during the event.
  • Participants must manage their dogs at all times. All dogs should be leashed at all times.
  • Participants are required to clean up after their dogs at all times during the event.
  • The Organizer, its contractors and employees and representatives will not be responsible for any accidents or injuries to participants, spectators or
    their dogs during the event.
  • Paricipant and their dogs finish the Walk will be entitled for medal and e-cerificate.
  • We strongly advise against placing any item of clothing on your pet which may restrict movement or lead to overheating of your pet. If you are
    unsure regarding this, please seek veterinary advice.